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Commemorating the services of an eighteenth-century British marching regiment


“His Majesty has been pleased to take very particular notice of the bravery of Lieut.-Colonel Mawhood, and approves the behaviour of the regiments under his command, especially the 17th, so highly commended by Lord Cornwallis.”

- Letter from Lord George Germaine, Whitehall, March 3, 1777



Welcome to the Internet Home of HM 17th Regiment of Infantry in America, a page dedicated to the study and preservation of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment's experiences in the New World during the Eighteenth Century and beyond. Our work of commemorating the Regiment's service includes undertaking continuing and intensive historical research, providing living history interpretations to the public, supporting the Royal Tigers Association and Regimental Museum, and serving as a contact point for veterans and other persons interesting in the Regiment, past present or future. The links below provide further information on the history of the 17th (focusing on its services during the Eighteenth Century), our historical interpretations, and news from the Regimental association. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our presentations or the Regiment.


Washington at Princeton 2013 Event


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Private of HM 17th Regiment of Infantry at Princeton by Don Troiani




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